TheSpeedGamers International

Update: All prizes have been shipped (except Kohilent, I still need your shipping address), please email me as soon as you get them. Ryan Wall, I sent you a make up prize for last event

In doing these marathons we’ve gained many friends from around the world. I’ve asked the opinions of some of the other team members and have formed an idea. Starting with the Metroid Marathon in August, we are going to team up with Dwaggie from England. Dwaggie is going to play Metroid Prime 1(possibly prime2 also) and have his girlfriend (Muir) commentate with him. It will be a smooth transition from our games to his, then back to ours. It will be as if we are all in the same room.

In the future we are considering having other “TheSpeedGamers” teams from around the world host their own events while we broadcast them on our website. These events would happen if, for example, there was a 3 month span that we weren’t able to find time to host a marathon. This way we can ensure all our viewers wont go long stretches of time without a gaming marathon, and more importantly, we can raise more money for various charities. This will also cater to a bigger variety of personalities and interests. We’d like to think everyone loves us, but we know everyone is different.

I am not taking requests from emails to host a marathon; they will all be hand picked by our team. One of these marathons probably wont occur for awhile now, not within the next 6 months. Our first guest player from around the world though, will debut during our Metroid Marathon (like I stated above)

Stay tuned for more info! And Don’t forget our 48 Hour Super Mario Marathon starting July 11th!

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