A succcessful Siege!

UPDATE: it turns out NOA is open on sundays! please keep calling 1-800-255-3700 and ask for earthbound!

We all had a great time, thanks everyone who called NOA or emailed them. We want to give a big shout out to STARMEN.NET the godfathers of the ebsiege. Without them this marathon would never of happened. We hope we were able to help in the effort of bringing the Earthbound/Mother series to the United States. We’ve gotten word from a couple of people that NOA received somewhere around 2,000 phone calls asking about Earthbound/Mother this weekend.GREAT job guys, thanks for being kind and respectful to the Nintendo representatives. Hopefully we will find out soon if we’ve made any impact. As soon as we know we will relay the message. If you won a prize we’ve emailed you, please respond with your shipping address and also your shirt size if you were a grand prize winner. In the next couple of days we will post our Halloween marathon info.

Prize winners:
Earthbound Poster:Tristan Chapman
Mother 1+2 (GBA):Michael Quell
Starmen.net Swag winner #1:Dominic Jersak
Starmen.net Swag winner #2:Kevin Chai

6 thoughts on “A succcessful Siege!”

  1. hmm… This just in, Nintendo decided, due to the sheer number of calls and emails NOT to release earthbound EVER! why did they reach this decision? because they know that if it comes out soon, people will assume it was because of this spamming. Then, people will continue to do it until all the games they want are released. This tactic may work on the likes of Sony or Microsoft because they are not business saavy, But, Nintendo has chosen the correct route!…

    yes, I am absolutely full of it.

  2. So, instead of releasing Mother on the VC, Mario RPG made it there on Monday.. Awesome game, but….. Not what we were trying for. So keep the calls coming people!

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