Another Successful Marathon!

Mission Complete!! Over $6,100 was raised for St. Jude!!
Thanks to everyone for your help!
An update will be coming soon with more information, but for now, the contest winners are:

Metroid (NES): Joe Baltes
Metroid (PAL VC): Fraser McMillan
Zero Suit Samus Plushie: Douglas Reyes
Metroid II GB Cartridge: B. J. Brown
Metroid (GBA): Andres Bravo
TSG Poster: Kyle Tallaire
Super Metroid (PAL VC): James Stevenson
Super Metroid SNES Cartridge: Mathew Niznik
Super Metroid Wall Clock: Santeri Sevon

Grand Prize Winner, Metroid Prime 3 signed by Retro Studios: Andrew Redenbough

Check out Dwaggies head!!

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