EarthBound Marathon Details!

Usually I leave a “thank you” post up for a week for the previous marathon,but since the turn around for our Earthbound marathon is so quick I need to unleash the details immediately. Before I do, I would like to thank everyone who contributed. Whether you donated or posted about us, dugg us, promoted us, you all were great; We love you all. The Grand total raised for St. Jude is now over $6,100!!

Earthbound Marathon Details:
We will be streaming a feed live on our website of us playing Mother 1,2,&3 from August 28 at 4pm till August 30 at 11 pm (55 hours straight!). We will feature chat along with video to create an interactive event. Our main goal will be to encourage phone calls to Nintendo of America (NOA) requesting Earthbound to be brought to the U.s in some way shape or form.

Here’s a more detailed explanation:

This is directly copied and pasted from and explains what we will be doing. We will be asking everyone watching the marathon to call Nintendo of America. Our request to them will be to please port over Mother 3 to North America, bring EarthBound to the Virtual Console, or even ask about a potential Mother 1+2+3 DS Compilation. Let them know you want to see more Mother/EarthBound in the US again!

We need as many people to keep calling in for the best impact. Previous examples of this effective maneuver is when Zelda: Master Quest was brought to North America after 500 people called Nintendo. The previous PK-Call’Ns made a definite impact on Nintendo of America. NoA Representative’s still talk about how many calls they gotten during these events. In fact, recent information tells us that Mother 1+2 was flagged for discussion due to a high volume of calls during a previous PK Call’N. However the calls stopped and it was assumed that interest had died and it was never brought up again. This time the interest won’t die and the calls won’t stop.

Be original and polite in your call and mention why you are calling. Mention you read about Mother 1+2 in Nintendo Power, or heard about Mother 3 released in Japan, the Mother 3 iTunes tracks, or have just been a long-time fan of that wacky SNES game from years ago. Or even ask them straight out, “where is EarthBound?” And keep in mind you want to talk about EarthBound, not promote an event or a web site so….


The NoA Representative might correct you and refer to the SNES EarthBound. They may assume that you didn’t know about this game. Don’t be abrupt, they are only providing info that they feel would help you. The NoA Representative will likely give an address to write in to Nintendo. If you would like to write to NoA check out PK Mail’N! They may ask you about your subscription to Nintendo Power, so try to be polite and understand that they are trying to keep you informed.

The NoA Representative most likely will have no new information. Politely thank them and tell them you will be a calling back soon to check up to see if any new information is available. Call back again in a few days time to see if any new information is available. If not, thank them again and call back once more in a few days! If there is still no new information, then ask to speak to an available manager and see if they can help you out. Call as often as you can and get your friends or family members involved as well! And this time don’t worry about the length of the call. Ask what you want to ask and show that you are a fan of the series! But always be sure to be polite and thank the person you are speaking with when you call. Following this should result in a smooth call!

Heres NOA’s contact info: 1. Dial the toll free number: 1-800-255-3700
2. Wait until the recording starts telling you the Menu options.
3. Hit Zero.
4. Wait to be connected to NoA Representative.

Prizes: We are going to give out prizes upon completion of each game. The way we do this is we randomly generate a winner from the people who emailed us during that games game play period.

3 Prizes: Earthbound 1+2 (GBA), Earthbound Poster, Prize from (TBA)

The Event Starts Thursday Aug 28th at 4 pm cst and end Aug 30 at 11pm cst

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

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  1. I will definetly be calling in every couple days!! I cannot wait to see this marathon and I hope Nintendo finally considers us Mother fans this time!

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