Pokemon Marathon Details! Begins December 19th

The Marathon will begin Friday December 19th @5pm cst and last 72 hours. We will attempt to catch every Pokemon that is legitimately possible (491) while raising money for ACT Today. 100% of all donations will go to ACT Today (Autism Care and Treatment).

Rules: All games will be started from a new file, and all pokemon must be attained within our house, no trades will be made from outsiders. All the Pokemon will be transferred to one cart to complete the Pokedex.

Setup: We will be playing multiple games at a time, but we will only be broadcasting 2 “feature games” along with a view of a commentator via webcam. We will switch out the 2 “feature games” being played around every 6 hours so that our viewers can see a litte bit of each game. The commentator will also be giving updates of progress and catchings in games that aren’t being featured at that time There will be a checklist to show the pokemon we’ve caught so that everyone can be up to date on our progress .

You will be able to view and chat with us and other viewers here on our website.

Here’s an example: Keep in mind the commentator feed on the bottom wont be as pixelized. The chat will be below the video.

The games we will be playing to achieve this task is:

Pokemon Versions- Fire Red, Leaf Green, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Pearl,
Pokemon Gale of Darkness, Pokemon Colosseum + American and Japanese Bonus Discs, Pokemon Ranger Shadow of Almia, Pokemon Ranch.

Prizes: Pokemon Edition Nintendo 64, Pokemon Edition Gameboy Color, Pokemon Diamond with completed Pokedex that we gathered from the marathon.

The Pokemon marathon marks our 8th marathon. We have raised over $10,000 in total for various charities.

Also, we are partnering up with NintendoPapercraft.com for this marathon. They are currently holding a contest in which you send in your fan made papercraft, and you could possibly win some awesome prizes!

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at TheSpeedGamers@gmail.com

125 thoughts on “Pokemon Marathon Details! Begins December 19th”

  1. Having an Autistic son, I am very much appriciate you guys decided to go with ACT Today. I am not a big fan of Pokemon, but I will be sure to tune in! Cheers!

  2. >Why play Ruby and Sapphire?
    >All their exclusives can be found on Emerald and XD.
    Perhaps it would be faster? I’m not sure.

    Also, I believe Surskit is unobtainable in the wild in Emerald, and unobtainable in XD too.

  3. Wow, 491 pokemon? I haven’t seen people catch them all since we were told by Nintendo to catch them all. Good luck with that, we’re all rooting for you. 😀

  4. Mew and Phione can be obtained via Pokemon Ranch, and Manaphy can come from Pokemon Ranger.

    I don’t believe the others are legitimately possible, which is why they are only going for 491.

  5. How are you going to get Darkrai without playing Platinum, and Deoxys without cheating?

    Also, how are you going to transfer them? You can only transfer six Pokémon per day to Diamond and Pearl. At best, you could get 12 (two game cartridges, and a local wireless trade) * 3 days = 36, which means you’ll be catching the majourity in D/P, defeating the purpose of the other games except for legendaries. It is impossible to bypass this, so either you’ll need more cartridges or you’ll be spending a *lot* of time in Sinnoh.

  6. If they’re playing all five Generation III games, both Diamond and Pearl can Pal Park 6 Pokemon from each game during the day. So, that becomes 60 Pokemon that can be brought from Kanto and Hoenn to Sinnoh. So, Starters and Legendaries are covered easily. But remember that some of them will have to come from XD/Colosseum, and purifying all those Shadow Pokemon takes time.

  7. “Also, I believe Surskit is unobtainable in the wild in Emerald, and unobtainable in XD too.”

    Surskit can be caught in Emerald after completing the game and waiting for a swarm to be announced on TV. In XD, it can be caught in the wild. It can also be caught in both Diamond and Pearl editions, if announced as part of a swarm. Finally, it is easy to spot on route 229 in Platinum.

    The only Hoenn Pokémon not found in Emerald are in XD. Playing Ruby or Sapphire is a waste of time.

  8. Actually, Kevin, if they’re playing one of each GBA game, then they can do each cartridge once per day. That’s five carts, not two. I do want to know how the Gamers will be getting Manaphy, as you can only get one once per Ranger cart.

    As a high schooler with Aspergers, a form of autism, I salute your efforts to help. :salute:

  9. The just-released Pokemon Ranger 2 has Darkrai, so the only thing missing would be Deoxys.

    Also, to get a Surskit swarm in Emerald you would have to mix records with Ruby or Sapphire first.

    Kevin: They may want to use the GBA slot capabilities to make catching Zangoose, Seviper et al in Diamond and Pearl.

  10. Playing all the gba games will allow them to transfer more pokemon via pal park. With 5 cartridges and 6 pokemon per cartridge per day, they’d be able to transfer 60 pokemon if they did it twice in their 72 hour period. Since they’re playing both diamond and pearl, you can double that to get 120 pokemon. That’s more than enough to transfer the legendaries, starters, and other hard to find pokemon from the older games. The only issues I see arizing are Deoxys and Darkrai if Nintendo doesn’t send out the darkrai ranger mission via wi-fi before they do their event. Might have to lower their goal to 490 or 489 pokemon.

  11. Well, the only Pokemon completely unobtainable in Diamond and Pearl without Pal Park are the starters, the legendaries, Tangela, and Tropius.
    With both Diamond and Pearl using the Pal park, they should manage without bypassing the limit.

  12. Well, Lunatone & Solrock are ONLY(excluding the Dongle technique in D/P AND Pal Park AND in FR/LG and Emerald, trade) obtainable in Saphire and Ruby, respectivly.

  13. I don’t see how you’ll go about obtaining Deoxys and Darkrai, who are both included in the goal of 491 pokemon.

    To obtain Deoxys you’d need to have a game that has attended a Nintendo event, or mystery gift from one that has to Emerald or FR/LG.

    Darkrai also needs a Nintendo event or Ranger 2 which is not listed in the games they will be playing, or a Japanese Platinum as the Darkrai wondercard will have been released over wi-fi by the time of the marathon, but again not mentioned as one of the games they are using.

  14. How are you going to get all 3 Kanto starters? Since you only have FireRed and LeafGreen, you can only get 2 starters. So how are you going to get the third one?

  15. Unless you’ve got a huge crew doing it, I’m not sure that 3 days is a realistic time frame. There’s a LOT of power leveling involved in getting pokes that you have to evolve to, like Garchomp/Salamence, Metagross or even Omastar. Day caring them might be a safe bet…

  16. This isent possible as like others have said u can only transfer 6 pokes a day so since you have 5 gba games and 2 ds games that is 60 pokemon per day unless you do the trick which i saw on youtube where you change the time and use different games etc. Also deoxys are unobtainable without hacks or event a

  17. @drewdog: Read carefully. They’re using the Japanese Colliseum bonus disc, which has Celebi.

    And I guess if they’re only using Ruby/Sapphire for the slot features in D/P, they don’t have to even play them. Still, that doesn’t explain how they’ll get Deoxys. It makes more sense as well to use Ranger 2, since you can still get Manaphy, plus it’s the only legal way to get Darkrai without an event.

  18. That’s very nice that they’re doing this. Also, RS is for the starters and for getting some pokemon quicker, like Plusle and Mawile for Ruby; they’re easier to get there.

  19. OK! Asking for Ho-oh the Colloseum features him also Lugia on Xd, and Jirachi is in Channel, Deoxys transfer the tickets same for Ho-oh & Lugia, Celebi on Bonus Game Disk of Colloseum, Mew from My Pokémon Ranch, Manaphy from Ranger, Darkrai from JP Platina or Ranger Battonage (Shadows of Almia) Latti@s wanderin in Hoenn or ticket to Southern Island, Entei Raikou & Suicune wandering Kanto or Colleseum.

    Oh and Good Luck out there!

  20. Awesome you guys. Catching every Pokémon is something I’ve been working on by myself for a little while. I don’t have a time goal, though. I have quite a few. 363 so far, including Deoxys because the local GameStop had an event.

    Anyway, I was just thinking… Only six Pokémon can be transfered up from a Gen 3 game (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red, and Leaf Green) to a Gen 4 game (Diamond and Pearl) every 24 hours per Gen 3 cartridge. How are you getting around this?

  21. Shouldn’t the number be 490? 493 – Deoxys, Shaymin, and Arceus. (Darkrai is in Shadows of Almia. Jirachi and Celebi are in the Bonus Discs.)

    @#26: Change the clock. (It’s not cheating!) Once the day has been moved forward, “sacrifice” one of your third-gen games to satisfy the tamper check, then import all you want from the other games. Repeat as often as required. The Pokéradar is probably going to be the preferred method for speed reasons, anyway, where possible.

  22. @#27: Ah, good point. Didn’t think about changing the clock. I’ve never actually done it, honestly.

    I was just thinking about Deoxys, Shaymin, and Arceus, however, even before I read that comment. You’re completely right, there are only 490. Gosh, if I could give them my Deoxys, I totally would.

  23. What the hell is this? are u guys a spinoff group from CAMERONBANGA.COM?? I remember them doing something like this with the Zelda series last summer….

  24. To the guy who mentioned cameron banga, we’ve been doing this since march, 8 marathons in total, so if it was over the summer then we were before them. But, I believe they did their marathon in january.

    About the prizes, usually what we do is have you send in an email and we do a drawing to see who wins. Make sure to watch to find out how to win.

  25. This seems very cool. I know you guys can do it because I am very close to completing the national pokedex on my Diamond (490, I’m just missing Darkria, Shaymin, and Arcues). Also I was wondering if you guys are in the record books for this kind of stuff.

    Good luck.

  26. @Speed Gamers;

    When will we enter our e-mails, and what do we put in them?

    I know you will make it!

    Won’t the whole team have headaches if they are playing no-stop?

  27. @ Some Guy

    What will happen is, when the marathon starts they will ask for people to send in their emails to a certain address (or they may ask for something like fan art in order to be entered). You don’t need to put anything in the email unless specified.

    They then will take those emails, put them in a list, and use a random number generator to choose a number. That number will correspond with a email in the list. That’s the winner.

    If you win they will email you back asking for details for shipping.

  28. @Pyles: collo and XD have some, and also we will be able to restart our file of fire red and leaf green after we’ve transfered all our pokemon over.

  29. @someguy& 265200800

    We have the event only’s and tickets from going to the events.Also,we have a Japanese bonus disc to acquire Celebi, and a swap disc to play japanese games.

  30. Seeing as I Have a Brother with Autism, and Myself being a HUGE Fan Of Pokemon,I Cannot wait for This
    However, silhouettes of Shaymin have appeared on Pokemon.com, indicating its revelation in the states soon.If Revealed before the Fundraiser, will u guys be adding it to ur Checklist????
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  31. I am VERY excited for all of you! I believe in you, and I know you can get all 491! Good luck! I’ll be watching 🙂

    Thanks for showing everyone that gamers can do some good in the world.

  32. You guys are doing a great thing here. I’ll be sure to pass the word along. I’m gonna be watching on the 19th, I wish you guys the best of luck, and merry christmas! 😀

  33. You guys will need to study up on some of the ways to catch Pokemon. I haven’t even caught all of them, but then again I only own Diamond, FireRed, Ruby and Sapphire

  34. I know you guys can do it! You are basically making my fantasy come true! But… how will you get Darkrai? I know you can get him by Mystery Gift in Japanese Platinum, and from Ranger 2, but those aren’t listed. So… how?

  35. i wish you guys good luck, i just saw the news on serebiiforums and i must say that there should more people like you guys who are willing to help handicapped people like me (i am an autist myself) to get better help.

    in 2001 when i was 11 years old it was still normal to hurt autists in order to force them to listen or to punish them for misbehaviore, they twisted my hands, they forced my head between my knees so i get less air while ignoring my astmatic problem which are all forbidden nowadays but all still happened to me, people like you will prevent things like these one at a time in the future you got my respect and i will spread the news starting now!

  36. the description at the top says that there are 491 legitamate pokemon in the series. i have 493 are the other 2 shaymin arceus? i got them in trades so this will be the first ever pokemon game that i completed without cheating 🙂

  37. Hey guys! Just want to say good luck with this! I would so love to see you get this just because it is such a crazy thing to do at a normal pace and you’re doing it in 72 hours!

  38. In Pokemon Emerald, the pokemon that are not obtainable would be “lati@s” whichever you will not pick, surskit since the swarm activation can be obtained via a trade in Ruby or Sapphire by mixing records, Zangoose is only on emerald, lunatones are only on sapphire and meditites are only on Ruby and Sapphire. I think that’s about it and the starters can be received via GBA to GBA trade to complete. Goodluck guys!

  39. I think it’s really great you’re doing this and you have all my support. I’m going to be very interested in watching your progress (and seeing which Pokémon you use).
    Thank you for doing this. Go for it, and I hope you have fun!

  40. WOOOOW! I didn’t realize this was the eighth marathon, I only just learn about this from Serebii.net! I have acute autism, so I’m glad that you guys aer donating to an autism charity, it’ll help future generations from becoming like me. LULZ.

    But anyways, I love Pokemon and I’ve always wanted to capture all the Pokemon by Shaymin and Arceus w/o Japanese trades. In fact I’m already midway through my first “permanent” Pokemon Pearl file and plan to fill out the Pokedex as much as I can!

    I can’t wait to see this awesome event! GOOD LUCK!! ^_^

  41. This is a great thing your doing, and since I LOVE Pokemon and have a brother and a friend who have Autism (and also love the series) this makes me very happy.

    But I have a quick question-
    When will this start, GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)?

    I wish you best of luck, and hope you make it!

  42. So I just realized that you guys are in a bit of a predicament. Drifloon doesn’t show except for Friday, making it impossible to catch if you set the clocks to real time. Just throwing that out there.

  43. It’s a shame you used event pkmn for lati@s, ho-oh, lugia, ect. really deoxys was the only one needed (i am missing Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, Shaymin, and Arceus, because I don’t cheat nor trade with cheaters, even if it was just to get the pkmn).

    they probably reset the pearl and set the time as friday, caught and traded over drifloon.

    if you send the pkmn over from emerald to ruby, you can send six over. oncer done, RESTART ruby, and do it again. thats the purpose of ruby/saphire – theyre tools 🙂

  44. By the way I’ve already completed my National dex without cheating, trading with cheaters, etc. It wasn’t easy trust me, it took me about 8 months to finish my national dex, but when I first started diamond I wasn’t catching every Pokemon I saw I only began concentrating on my national dex about a month or two after I finished the story mode (elite 4 etc.).

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