Pokémon Marathon End Results and Thoughts

UPDATE:: Merry Christmas and Happy new Years from everyone at TSG!

The Fan Art is now completely updated, definitely check it out. Going back and looking at all the fan art is one of my favorite parts in doing marathons.

Thanks for watching and sticking with us through our technical difficulties. We really appreciate all the viewers who donated to ACT Today, who helped promote, moderate, and make this marathon a success.

We officially ended up catching 429 of the 491 Pokemon, and more importantly, raising close to $6,000 for ACT Today! Next Christmas break (2009) we will attempt to catch them all again, and I believe with the experience we have now, we will succeed. Until then, we will have plenty of marathons to entertain you, next being the Zelda Marathon starting March 13th 2009.

Soon, a checklist of the Pokemon we caught will be added to this post.

Keep checking back for Updates!

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46 thoughts on “Pokémon Marathon End Results and Thoughts”

  1. That was great you guys. Even through the difficulties, I think this marathon was just a blast to watch! Thank you for sharing such an amazing experience with all of us, and here’s to a great end of the year!

  2. Yall did a great job! I can’t believe how much yall have done for ACT Today and for us. I hope to see you all again in March. I wonder If I’ll ever see yall around. Take Care!

  3. Well done! Did you manage to capture every pokemon (minus the pokemon that were only possible through the corrupted ruby game)?

    And how many of you were there in total?

  4. You guys did great. Even though Ruby crashed and Mt Battle had to be done again, you didn’t give up. Also, you made you goal for ACT Today. Well done Speed Gamers! Great marathon and can’t wait for the next one! 😀

  5. Well, that was fun to watch. Good job, guys. I worked with autistic kids and so this meant a lot to me. Thank you. But how did you get Deoxys (I wasn’t watch at the time) and Drifloon?

    And join TPMRPG by clicking mah name.

  6. Great job guys. Way to raise money for autism by playing pokemon. Phil was great, and his hat was even better. Ill definitely stick around for the next marathon.

  7. Congratulations guys, you are AWESOME!!! You are doing a great thing. I am so proud of you all for taking something that you love and using it to raise not only money to various causes but awareness as well. You should all be very proud of yourselves. Keep it up! 🙂

    Pam I Am aka Tyler’s Mom

  8. Congrats!!! I missed out on getting Mew on ranch and diamond altogether because I went to sleep in Australia! If you were there at the time I said I would break down and cry then record it and send it. I did but my camera ran out of batteries. But still that was very well done.

  9. It’s okay. One of their game carts got corrupted and they lost a lot of Pokemon. They also messed up in the obtaining of Ho-Oh, so they had to do the 100-battle thing again in Colosseum. They did deposit over 1000 Pokemon in My Pokemon Ranch, so they got Hayley’s Mew. Still, it’s a traded Pokemon so you can’t change its name. I wish there was a way to download Mew eggs or something so we could get a Mew we can name. Manaphy is the only event Legendary which you can name.

    Still, they got 86.5% of the Pokemon, including Darkrai and Deoxys, so it wasn’t a total waste, and they got over 5.5 thousand in donations. I’ll be there for the next “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” event which should be better executed. I mean, half of those guys didn’t even bone up on their knowledge and were Pokemon virgins beyond the classics. Great job, everyone, and I’ll be watching your Zelda Marathon this spring. ^_^

  10. Great job guys. I know that really wore on you so kudos for sticking with it. If you would like any help completing the diamond cartridge, I’ve got somewhere around 390 pokemon myself and can give you a hand for a stray bidoof or two.

  11. Congratulations!!!
    And who cares about the number of pokemon?

    It was one of the most fun things i’ve ever did on the internet.

    Thank you all.

    TGS is inspiring.

  12. Congrats guys. Great job turning what most of us consider a hobby into well over 5.5K in donations. Even though it may not be your favorite game, I think the number of donations shows the advertising power of Pokemon, as I only found your site through smogon. I hope that you consider nintendo’s collecting phenom for another marathon. Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays!!!

  13. That was incredible!
    I’ve never seen before people (not counting Pokémon fans) trying to play more than one of the games, let alone to catch 491 creatures in just 3 days!
    Organizations should learn from you and come up with original ideas for charity.

    I hope that now nobody dares to say that gamers are childish or that they don’t want to be a part of society (as considered in my country). A big applause for all of you and for those who donated.

  14. hey guys this was a really great cause you guys did it for and im glad we can use video games to help the world somehow
    On another note I watched from around 9- 1030ish last night you guys are freakin hilarious well were going thru mt. battle again which took us 5 hrs to do the first time and no one could tell us we were doing something wrong and that hoodie that guy was wearing was sick

  15. LOL, Jeff Hamilton donated!
    I’m laughing at this.
    Totally making me lol and bein all badass at school, to come back and watch some pogeymanz!

    I heard there was a shiny Ryhorn caught. True?

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