TSG Tech Show Episode 3: By Fettouhi

Ustream. IRC chat, the better choice. Learn how to use mIRC instead of the Ustream Flash chat client. To view other TSG videos, articles, podcasts and more, visit our TSG Originals section.


4 thoughts on “TSG Tech Show Episode 3: By Fettouhi”

  1. Sup Fettouhi, thanks for adding my cameo in there. :^D

    Although :^( you don’t have Joins/Parts displayed. Also you haven’t covered changing the display colors, changing text styles and changing names at all. Is there going to be an Advanced tutorial for such things, just for the sake of learning such things, or is that really just something that’s easier for people to learn for themselves? These are like the minimal steps to setting it up, so it’s “enough,” but there are so many more options to explore.

    I’ve learned a ton of intricacies about IRC over time, looking through the help files (hey, they actually help, go figure), but I’m not likely to do a tech segment, myself.

  2. @jaggerG

    I’m gonna say this plain and simple. I don’t know IRC that well and I made this small video for people to see there is another option then ustream chat. they can set it up and use it that what I gave them if they want to know more well as you say help file is good.

    I’m doing this at free will and time. if you want more detail and things that cool but I work and if anyone want to pay me for doing this so I can quit my job I would gladly switch but, as people say you get want you pay for and this is free. take it or leave it.

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