Zelda Marathon Wrap up

What an incredible marathon! TheSpeedGamer’s community raised $6,130.54 for Ally’s House, a new donation record for us. The Zelda marathon has brought in hundreds of new forum members and we look forward to chatting with everyone! Personally, this was my favorite marathon to date. There were many moments that stick out such as Phil eating a scorpion, Rust singing Michael Jackson’s greatest hits, Brea’s seemingly infinite amount of barrel rolls and some really great gaming. Right now I’m writing on only 3 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours, but I will update this post throughout the next 24 hours.

Soon we will have details up for our Mother/Earthbound Marathon that begins on May 15th and last 72 hours.

Zelda Marathon (March 2009) Donation List Total: $6,235.39

11 thoughts on “Zelda Marathon Wrap up”

  1. There’s an error. It says Larry Fisher donated $20. That’s my dad. I had to use his Paypal account, but it was my $20. So if you could please change that to Brian Fisher, that would be nice.

  2. I don’t have a paypal, neither does any of my family, so I couldn’t donate.

    But the person who donated 1 cent? I mean, that’s a dick move in my opinion.

  3. Someone donated 1 cent! O_O woah and that guy got entered in the contest for giving almost nothing away >_> even I could have donated more than that and im like broke

  4. Awesome to see my name up there! Makes me feel proud. Who was the highest donator?
    Congratulations on reaching your target!
    Also, it turns out that TP is shorter than WW?!

  5. Im not cheap i donated 10 bucks. I then was going to donate again but realized all i had left on my pre paid card was 1 cent. So i donated that.

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