August Marathon details revealed!

Yes, this was an April Fools joke. Did we fool you?

We will not be playing a Petz Marathon… yet.

In August The Speed Gamers will be on the fourth consecutive summer marathon, trailing on the heels of Final Fantasy Marathon week we plan to take on a lighter series. So on August 14th at 6PM CST the Petz Marathon will begin! We will be supporting The DJ&T Foundation, established in 1995 by the well-known television personality Bob Barker, which funds low cost spay and neuter clinics and offers voucher programs as a way to help relieve animal over population.

The following games will be played over the 72 hour marathon: Petz: Catz Clan, Petz Vet, Petz Sports, Petz: Dogz Fashion and Petz: Dogz Pack. Fettouhi will also stream the classic computer game Alley Cat, and for the first time as a TSG gamer Rust will work his way through Hello Kitty: Bubblegum Girlfriends.

So join us in August for a fun filled weekend, as all the commentators show off their petz and tell stories. There may even be some dog food eating. Prizes of toys and treats for our furry little friends will be awarded to donators and fan artists.

And remember, help control the pet population, have your pets spayed or neutered.

15 thoughts on “August Marathon details revealed!”

  1. I think I just died inside…

    I hope my friends who are seeing this for the first time won’t think that the speed gamers are weird O.o

    Please be an April Fools joke…

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