T-Shirts have arrived

I’ve received the T-shirts, so naturally I called up the guys to model them. Oh and they did..they did.

T-shirts will go on sale when the store opens on June 19th.Be sure to click “read the rest” under the photo.

From the left, Bud, Erik Hoover

Erik Below


The shirt is so awesome its glowing on me! look!


5 thoughts on “T-Shirts have arrived”

  1. Wow! That’s cool.
    …I mean the shirts. You guys look great as well. If I could, I would order one at this very moment. And I’ll wear it every day. Of course, it would get dirty…

  2. I hope you get more than just girl sizes, because there is a whole different style for girl shirts, like lower neck lines and shorter sleeves. I would get one of those ^_^

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