Post Mother Marathon

We here at The Speed Gamers  want to give a shout out to all the Donors, & for all the swag they offered for donations, the Fans, the Mods, the Chat Ops, the Mother players, and all the people who promoted this marathon.

This was by far the most successful marathon to date, and we really appreciate everyone who stopped by to join us.

In the very near future we will put up the donation list, as well as a final tally of the donations…but for now…

Mission Accomplished!

23 thoughts on “Post Mother Marathon”

  1. I have to hand it to you guys, this was an INCREDIBLE marathon. I don’t think this could have been done without the support of the EarthBound fans., EarthBound Central, and even Chuggaaconroy himself are the ones that deserve a TON of credit along with ALL of the Speed Gamers and donators. It was a lot of fun! I hope to see you guys in a future marathon.

    Best of luck to you guys and keep on PK Rockin’!

  2. Congrats guys!

    You manage to gained over 10,000$!
    I hope future marathons goes as well as this. For now, rest easy and relax in life alright?

    PK Farwell!~ (Haha, cheesy lines FTW!~ Right?)

  3. this was the first marathon ive seen, and maybe a new mother/earthbound fan, what you guys do is pretty awesome, i hope to be a part of it next time (having no money is a bummer lol)

    so ROCK ON!

  4. Hats off to all of you for the marathon, that was even better that the zelda one! (though the 4 sword adventures was very funny) Congratz on the $10K in donations, hope to see more of this at the Metal gear marathon 😀

  5. Excellent marathon, as usual! When I say you guys could make a Pong marathon watchable, I mean it, because sadly RPGs in general aren’t very friendly to watch IMO, and it showed this weekend (though Pokémon was special because of the way you handled it). And yet I still had a blast. Looking forward to Metal Gear!

  6. It’s a shame that I won’t be able to watch either Metal Gear nor Final Fantasy – I’ll be on vacation at both of the scheduled times… >< As I’m pretty excited how much will be donated in a whole week… =]
    Then again I’m looking foward to Mega Man, it’s going to be great. x3

    But oh well, let’s look at your recently finished work, the Mother Marathon:
    The amount of money you’ve raised…
    The way you presented the games, like Snowflake already mentioned…

    This marathon was my third to watch after Pokémon (which I only attended part-time) and the Zelda one. And I enjoyed the Mother marathon as much as the Zelda marathon. Great work, great cause (here I speak out my respect towards all the contributors), suberb team! You’ve (all) done a well and very entertaining job here!!! ^_^

  7. wow this was a great marathon. cosidering it was my first, i think all the other will be even better 😀 oh and the money was OVER 9000!!

  8. Lol for all of you sorry for can’t do anything just words for motivate …

    Congratulations !!! keep going with all of the goals that will be coming won’t give up for nothing ok !!!

    Animo !!!


    Muchas Felicidades !!!
    Sigan con sus metas que se proponen y superenlas y mas en ,las que surgan tambien !!!


  9. man this marathon was *epic*
    might have to track down the mother games myself now, you guys made them look pretty darn awesome.

    and congratulations on being able to get over 10k! couldn’t donate, myself, but i had the link to this place up on all my instant messengers and wherever i went haha.

    seconding everyone saying this was totally beastmode. 8)

  10. This was the first marathon I’ve ever watched, and it was really entertaining. You guys are really amazing. 😀 Also, congrats on raising over $10,000! (even though I wasn’t able to donate orz) I’m really excited for the Final Fantasy marathon, but sadly I’ll be on vacation the entire time. :’

  11. Wahh I just realized that the end of my last comment got cut off; what the heck. :’U *Punches computer*
    Anyway, just wanted to say: good luck to you guys on your future marathons, and stay awesome! :3

  12. This was an amazing marathon. I had so much fun, and I congratulate the speed gamers and for putting so much effort into this event- it totally made my weekend!
    This was my first marathon. And believe me, it’s not going to be my last.
    I’m also amazed that the number of donations reached the $10,000 mark. I feel glad that all this money is going to a good cause! 😀
    I have no cards or money on me, unfortunately. If I did, I would have seriously donated. 🙁

  13. new psi power aquired!! pk 10,000+ donations!! congratulations on scoring that many donations, I still cant believe it O.O!! ill definitely promote the next one as soon as i hear about it.

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