Wanna see Earthbound on a Jones Soda?

Quoted from Starmen.net: “Jones Soda is holding a Fresh 23 Vans Shoe Contest where people can vote on the best of 23 cool shoe designs. One of them just happens to be by Sarah Miles, who is known on Starmen.Net as Ashencitadel. What was her theme? EarthBound, of course! Check ’em out:


The winner of this contest will have their shoe design printed on 40,000 cases of Jones Soda around the nation, among other cool stuff. You can vote once a day per IP address, so what are you waiting for?! The name of the design is PSI Shoestorm. It’d be awesome if we could get some spectacular EarthBound fan art onto such a tasty soda, so vote! Vote every day! The contest ends on June 5. Don’t forget!”

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