Pin Set #1

As a fan of, I got the idea of selling pin sets.  Soon the TSG store will introduce our very first pin set. I think they will work well with the TSG community considering all the inside jokes and “shenanigans” as Ninboy would say, that goes on during our marathons.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a pin design. The forum member’s pins we will be using are Anatotitan, Iheart_Absol, Kitsu and Letifer. Take a look at the awesome job they did.

pinet#1 copy

Details and sidenote after the break…

Each pin set will have a limited quantity of 50. Once they have sold out we will move on to another set so make sure to keep submitting your designs in the forums. Pricing is yet to be set, I will have complete info soon.

On a side note, enjoy this shot of TSG engraved on the beach by forum member jsatter13.


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