Look what Mana Potions has hooked up us with

The guys over at Mana Potions wanted to help support our Final Fantasy marathon and donated some awesome prizes! They are giving away some sweet gift boxes for the top 5 donators (12 pack combo mana/health, wristband, shirt, mousepad, swag), and the runner-up 5 donators are to receive a 4pack combo Mana/Health with wristband.

They are also  sending some mana and health potions our way to keep us fueled during our games.

Check out the prizes. (Click to enlarge)



4 thoughts on “Look what Mana Potions has hooked up us with”

  1. …I pray you didn’t drink that crap. I took a nutrition class at school last month, and, well, that crap has 6667% of the daily recommended dose of Vitamin B12. That means that you’ll be pissing most of it out, and that until you do, yer going to feel a bit touched in the head.

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