Receipts Galore

Sorry this took so long, I’m the ultimate procrastinator. Here’s receipts from each of our marathons for all of you that are interested. The difference in totals from immediately after the marathon to these receipts are from the fees pay pal takes out and the occasional disputes.

For example, the column where the green arrow is pointing will show you how much comes out of each donation.

example copy

Since there is so many receipts  you’ll need to click “read more” to view them all. The reason why the Mother Marathon receipt is split into two is because we had to hold onto a $100 until a dispute was resolved. After the resolution, I sent the last $100.






(Temporarily down) I noticed I left some info I needed to black out 😛

4 thoughts on “Receipts Galore”

  1. Wow its pretty cool to see how the money actually gets donated. Curse Pay Pal and their selfish needs! 😛 TSG is doing great and it seems everyone is appreciative of what you guys have been doing. Keep up the good work and I hope we reach in the $10,000s in the FF marathon!

  2. Wait a second, when a site uses ChipIn to set up a donation drive for a charity, it actually forces you to send them as payments rather than gifts?

    Forgive me if this is something slightly different, or if you’ve been over this sort of thing before, but I just recently found out about you guys through the Mario marathon folks.

    It just doesn’t seem to me like that’s how donating over Paypal would work. Granted I haven’t used Paypal that extensively, but if you just send money as a gift and not as a payment, they don’t charge you that fee, so in that case you’d be sending the full amount to the charity and none of it would be going to Paypal.

    Again, forgive me if you just can’t have it work like that, or if ChipIn just forces it that way, but it just seems off to me.

  3. Yeah but the people donating would need to gift it so it probably wouldn’t happen correctly with each person, thats my experience with paypal anyway. It really stinks to see paypal stealing from a charity drive 🙁

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