TSG hits the CBS and NBC local news.

Eariler today (Tuesday) a CBS News crew rolled up to TSG Headquarters to film a piece about them. They interviewed a few members and showed what TSG represents. This marathon is sets and represents a milestone for us

Video Gamers Hold Marathon Session For Charity:

Marathon Video Gamers Talk About Fundraiser:


Speedgamers Raise Funds For Autism (RAW):


20 thoughts on “TSG hits the CBS and NBC local news.”

  1. I’m so happy this is happening for you guys. You guys deserve it for doing so much for charity this past year. Amazing how these things happen. <3

  2. Damn that was pure awesomness! It was addicting to watch and was lots of fun, going to start playing my own FF’s all over again now! 🙂

  3. from texas, you guys made the gaming community and me especially proud this week, it was awesome sitting up with you guys all night and i just want to say thanks for what you are doing it’s really awe inspiring couldn’t have done it without the help of such great people donating and the people who help in and around the event and not to mention such great games being played to keep us entertained, thank you!

  4. Wow great job guys! You all totally deserve this type of publicity. This will make people see that gaming is not just for fun but can help everywhereD

  5. I’ve been around since the second marathon. Great work guys. Blew away even my estimations of how much you could raise. Until next marathon.

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