We could not have done it without you!

Thanks so much for everyone’s contribution, we couldn’t have done it without you. We smashed our original goal of $20,000 and have raised over $50,000 for ACT Today! The chipin will stay up until Monday.

Right now we are all a little awe struck and exhausted. We are having one last dinner as a group and then we go back to our normal lives.

Sorry for the long delay, It has been hectic lately. I’ll never forget last week, I’m very proud of what the TSG community has done. Fun and fullfilling doesn’t do justice when describing what was last week. Lets just go with the over used term EPIC. With my free time I’ve visited all sorts of sites that redirected to us, wrote about us, tweeted, ect. and I still cant get over the amount of support we received. I’ve also got a chance to look at all the fan art and it never fails to keep me smiling for hours. There’s no better way to relive the marathon then through the artistic minds of the viewers. You guys are great.

The one downfall was that we didn’t finish all the games by our 168 hour deadline. But hey, that just gives us reason to make a second attempt somewhere down the line 😉

Be sure to check out our 72 hour Megaman marathon for earthday.net starting August 14th @6pm cst.

Our store has reopened since the marathon has concluded.


40 thoughts on “We could not have done it without you!”

  1. Beautiful.
    Congradulations on surpassing your goals.
    Good luck on your furture marathons and surpass your goals yet again and again.
    Now go rest and ejoy.

  2. 50k is so incredible! Epic job, guys.
    You will end up with your own TV show someday.
    On the other hand: who needs television if he can have this?

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the marathon! You all did a great job! I am a little sad that the marathon is over, but I realize you all have your regular lives to return to. Thank you for taking time out of summer to make a difference!

  4. Congratulations on hitting your goal, not only once, but twice. I enjoyed watching you guys from the beginning to the end and cannot wait for August 14th to come and watch you guys run through Megaman.

    Looking forward to seeing more of you guys and good luck with the next goal!

  5. Bravo guys, I was very sad when it was over, but what you did was great, even though you didn’t do ALL of it, but it was still fun.

    Thank you 🙂

  6. Amazing, simply amazing. I loved watching you guys play through FF7-FF10, even though FF10 was only getting started. Congratulations on the goal. What you guys do is just the nicest thing….goodluck on your other marathons, i will be watching. Gamers ftw.

  7. Congratulations guys! 50k is a ton of money to raise in a week. It’s great to see gamers doing things for other people, as our image may not be portrayed that way by many people. I definitely had an awesome time watching you guys play through the FF games. It even made me restart 10 :3.

    I sadly didn’t have the money to donate this time around, but I’ll more than make it up during your Mega Man marathon. Till then, rest up, keep making a difference, and I’ll see you in August!

  8. Good job boys. You didn’t clear them all, but you sure put up a fight, and I enjoyed every moment of it. Next time though, what I’d like to see more of apart from cowbell, is some more Chris Farley, or Morrowind quotes by Tyler. Keep rockin.

  9. Great job guys. i had an excellent time watching you guys all week, and was sad i couldn’t watch the final day. Glad to see you managed to hit not only the original goal of 20,000, but the new goal of 50,000!

    That is quite amazing. Really great job.
    Going to get something from the store now, can’t wait! 😀

  10. Hey you guys are awesome! I’m from Holland, but still this goal is close to my heart because I’m autistic myself (still properly functioning in society), and I know for a fact that lots of these people can have very happy and productive lifes if they get the right support. It all starts with supporting and educating the parents and 50k sure goes a very long way in doing so!

  11. I’m really proud of you guys. Very well organized and the results speaks for themselves.Watching Baltes beat FFVIII was worth my donation by itself. Also worth mentioning the entertaining commentaries by Ference.

    See ya next marathon !

  12. By far the worst TSG it took them forever to reach the 50k goal, they didn’t finish the games, and the format they used of small screen with 2 other screens showing the players quite literally sucked which i imagine is the reason they didn’t finish because it was shown just how much time they wasted talking to each other and such when they were playing often sitting for minutes at a time with the game just sitting on pause.
    P.S: I donated by the way which gives me even more of a reason to complain about the format its in now.

  13. Grats! As the guy with a form of autism (Asperger) I appreciated that maraton very much!
    Friend gave me an call at monday and said: “Hey man! Go to http://www.thespeedgamers.com and see something awesome!” I went to page and saw you guys playing the best serie of games ever!

    So congratulations for 50 gram and I’ll be waiting for next marathons!

    I did something funny, when you were playing FF IX Disc two, I put my own FF IX to my PS and started game from beginning, I had a goal to go past from you but when I got to disc two you guys had just started disc three and I gave up.
    But this was very fun and addicting to watch and it SeeDed (…notice bad joke) lots of great conversations with friends and laughs when you guys said something funny. Keep it up guys!
    “Some day I’ll be just like you!”

  14. You guys are amazing! Congrats on hitting 50 K that’s astounding.

    I watched the whole thing and watched everything unfold. It also helped me, the whole week this was going on I had a bad infection in my leg and risked amputation, however I think I’m pulling through so things are looking better. Thank you so much for entertaining me during this rough point in my life, and I was happy to donate to show thanks and just because its such a great cause. Seeing the charity’s homepage brought a tear to my eye thinking of you guys doing this for those kids.

    Ill be tuning in to future marathons as well. All of you are awesome peoples, and wish you the best for the future. Thanks for posting those news videos as well, it was great to see how things were set up and a closer look at what was going on (Im geeky like that). Im sure the publicity really helped as well. Till next time 🙂

    PS – Now about that Castlevania Marathon…

  15. Srsly you guys, it took freakin’ forever to get to 50,000. Next time let’s step it up, all right? We’ll never hit 99 million dollars if we can’t even finish 11 Final Fantasy games in a row in a week.

  16. I thought you guys did great!. I’m very impressed how you managed to utilise the brilliant Final Fantasy series to generate $50,000 for an excellent cause.

    I hope you continue to do marathons like this and who knows, maybe one day you could do an FF marathon again…

  17. @William Baker:
    You realize the goal was originally $20,000 and they reached that within about 3 days, right?
    And I like how you say “quite literally” sucked. The only thing they quite literally sucked were disgusting vegemite milkshakes in an effort to raise money for charity. Which they did. Fifty thousand dollars. How on earth can you say “worst TSG ever”?

    PS. I donated by the way which gives me even more of a reason to call you a monster tool

  18. Best 9 words to sum up the marathon:
    Dun dun da DUN dun dun DUN da DUN! (<– FF victory theme)
    Lots of FF battles won, but the $50,000 goal was reached as well; plenty of other kinds of winnage goin' on too.

  19. The amount of cynicism in your post is absolutely disgusting and appalling. They not only reached their goal once, but twice. Fifty grand is no small amount, it took a lot of selflessness from the TSG members and their viewers to reach such a high goal. Not to mention that this amount demolished the total amount raised from all previous marathons.

    The marathons are for viewers and players to enjoy themselves, they’re not trained professionals, they’re college students looking to do some good in the world through acts generally scorned upon by the outside populace. By no means are you obliged to donate, it is merely requested that you would do so out of kindness for people struggling in life.

    And by the way, tons and tons of people donated too. That’s how they reached their goal of $50,000. But you’ve already established yourself as a less-than-stellar individual, I take conciliation in that. I hope you enjoyed your free entertainment. C:

  20. Greatest marathon ever, and I’m proud that there were a lot that happened to be sucessful. I just hope we do something like this again, and try to hit 100k!

  21. A great show. Too bad we didn’t get Oprah, though, but you still got on the news!

    Those who are being cynical about TSG, why are you complaining? If you watched for more than 15 minutes, then you are probably just trying to start something (not a pun of Michael Jackson’s song, the other kind of something.)

    Even though I’m not a fan of Megaman, I’ll be tuning in.

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