Australia getting two new DSi colors

Do you live in Australia and like the DSi, but hate the bland white and black colors? Then Nintendo is offering you two more colors for you to choose from, Metallic Blue and Metallic Pink. Both of the systems will be in stores on September 24th of this year.

(Source: Vooks)

2 thoughts on “Australia getting two new DSi colors”

  1. I’d totally get that pink DSi to match my pink Gameboy Pocket if I didn’t already have a DS lite…and if I didn’t think the DSi is pointless. _awesome_

  2. What are you talking about? :3c those Mario and Animal crossing clocks and calenders are worth it alone! Who needs games when you can have a glorified clock.

    I still need to get a DSi, North America was getting two new colors as well supposedly but i forgot if they were ever confirmed…or what colors they even were.

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