Goal met, fun had

Aiyoh, I’m exhausted. I thought this marathon would be a breeze compared to our week long Final Fantasy marathon but I’m still beat.

What a great summer we had with you guys. I’m proud of our community that continues to grow and do amazing things for society.  I guess us gamers aren’t so bad after all, huh?

Our Halloween marathon starts Octobers 30th and lasts 48 hours. We will be playing the Resident Evil series and currently you can vote on the cause we are gaming for in the forums.

13 thoughts on “Goal met, fun had”

  1. After the marathon was over, someone made a crazy-awesome 1700 dollar donation. I forget the name, but if you check out the forums you can find the details there.

  2. I’m really in awe of you guys. These marathons help a lot of people, and everything seems to go so smoothly but only because you must put in so much time and planning. I’m really glad you met the goal. Great job!

  3. hey tsg i didnt c the mega man athon but i like resedint evil, u should donate 4 asthma researtch, i know that there just about in a break 4 that, ud make alot of people happy if u donated the money to that and they found a break through, ud be tsg the people who helped cure asthma

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