LostWinds: Winter Of The Melodias in Edge magazine

Lost winds was one of the first and best games on WiiWare. Despite its short length and a few minor  issues here and there, it performed quite well.  Developer Frontier Developments announced in Edge magazine that LostWinds: Winter Of The Melodias is almost complete.

Toku now has the power to change the season between Winter and Summer, which will help him solve puzzles. He can also now swim and create cyclones that can drill through rocks or pick up water.

Frontier Developments  listened to many of the criticisms of the first game and addressed them. They have added a map, an in game hint system and increased the overall length. There are more ways to interact with NPC and they will have more to say in this game then in the first game.

Glorbs, the blob like enemies in the original, make a return but will have many different forms.  Tokus will retain all of his old skills collected in the first game and the story picks up almost immedietly after the first one ended. While no release window was given, since its almost complete, we could assume it will be available later this year or very early next year.

(Source: Nintendo Everything and N-Europe)( Image: GoNintendo)

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