Mega Man Marathon details

TheSpeedGamer’s Mega Man marathon to raise money for begins Friday August 14th @ 6pm cst and will last 72 hours. A live game feed will be broadcast right here on our site alongside a commentary feed and chatroom.



To keep things interesting we’ve decided during the evening hours to commentate outside in light of the cause we are gaming for.

Many great prizes will be given away to viewers and donators. Mana potions is supporting us again by giving the top 3 donators (6pack combo Mana/Health, T-shirt, Wristband, Mousepad) and top 3 runner-up donators (4pack Mana/Health, wristband) for the event.

Click “Read the rest” to see which Megaman games we will be playing and who will be playing them.

Incomplete Game and player list:
Mega Man 1-3 – Cameron
Mega Man 4-6 – Daniel
Mega Man 7-8 – Dan-Cam
Mega Man 9 – Oscar
Mega Man 64 (Legends) – Phil
Mega Man Legends 2 – Gwellin
Mega Man and Bass – Gwellin
Mega Man X-X3 – Britt
Mega Man X4-X6 – Chase
Mega Man X7Undecided
Mega Man X8 – Kilgard
Mega Man X Command Mission – Baltes
Mega Man Network Transmission – Gwellin
Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue – Ferenc
Mega Man Zero 1-4 – Rob
Other games may be played or replayed with spare time.
Mega Man 1-8 and Mega Man X-X6 will most likely be played on their respective GameCube collections.

A commentator feed schedule will be posted soon.

31 thoughts on “Mega Man Marathon details”

  1. im pretty sure they will blow thru in just over 48. the times after they are done are some of the most interesting.
    but anyways it feels like it was just last week when the FF marathon ended.
    OH WAIT it did. 🙂

  2. wow, this summer is really offering a lot of marathons, and I’ve been here for each of them. It makes me so sad, because this is probably going to be the last marathon before the school year starts. 🙁

  3. If they didn’t have Battle Network in there, a 72-hour run would certainly seem possible. Then again, who knows how much time it will take to complete Command Mission?

  4. Will you play with the Megaman and Megaman X collections on PS2? or will you use the original carts? I think it would be cooler to use the originals, but using the collections would be easier =/.

  5. Haha, I love that I’ve been given an excuse on Earth day to run my computer, big TV/monitor, stereo, not only for the evening, but all night to watch you guys. 😛 I’d best donate to offset my emissions…

  6. I think I remember helping you guys on MM2 for a marathon like this many, many months ago. I think it was you guys >.>

    I am very anxious to see this, I love Megaman games. I can’t wait!

  7. I had a training sprung on me today. Schedualed for Friday, messing up my days off and three day weekend. Normally I’d just be annoyed, but it’s a TSG weekend. I told them I was unavailable 🙂

  8. The only marathon I have seen so far was the Pokemon Marathon – which was great. I hope we’ll see something that is as good as the Barrel Rolls. Those were awesome times…. tho you didn’t make it.

    Mega Man, Mega Man… I’ve only got Mega Man 3 for my NES 🙂

  9. BTW, do you guys have a time schedule yet? And has the order been set in stone yet? I really want to see MM1-9 and maybe MM&B, well, I’d like to see it all, but I want to see those the most and I REALLY don’t wanna miss any of those.

  10. @…worst MM game of all time

    Not even close to worst! Battle chip challenge is by far the worst. There is not a single thing about that game that is thought through. Love the rest of the games though. Even though I don’t see the point in scrapping the Battle network series and doing essentially the same series again but with worse setting in Starforce…

    Incredibly pumped for the marathon tonight. Starts at 24:00 here in Sweden 🙂

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