Micrsofts drops X-box 360 Elite price in UK and NA

Both North America and UK had their price drops confirmed this morning. In North America the elite will be dropping from $399.99 to $299.99 and will no longer ship with HDMI cables. The Elite in UK is moving from a £229.99 price tag to a £199.99 price tag. Both regions will be phasing out the Pro model. They didn’t mention if their also removing the HDMI cables from the UK elite. It’s surprising because of the recent announcement that the Arcade bundle was getting a price bump to £159.99 from its original £129.99 price point in UK and now they get a price cut on a different model.

The new price point takes effect August 28th in both regions.

(Source for NA price drop: Kotaku)

4 thoughts on “Micrsofts drops X-box 360 Elite price in UK and NA”

  1. It seems the Eurozone is also getting a price drop on the Elite, as well as a price increase for the Arcade (up to 200 Euro = 285 USD).

    This makes the Arcade version redundant in Europe as the Elite only costs 50 Euro more. The Elite can now compete with the new PS3, but I’d say the PS3 offers much better value for money at this point.

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