Nintendo bringing a top down shooter to DSi ware

The closest Nintendo has come to developing a Shoot’em up type title in recent years is the Star Fox series and a few mini-games in games like Wario Ware. Nintendo is changing that with it’s new top down shooter for DSiWare called Aa Mujyou Setsuna (which Kotaku translated to “Ah Cruel Instant” or “Oh Heartless Moment”) which will be available onĀ  September 2nd in Japan for 500points. Whether or not this is the DSiWare title Nintendo Power teased is unknown at this point. We will just have to wait and see in next month’s Nintendo Power.

Aa Mujiyou Setsuna’s Website

3 thoughts on “Nintendo bringing a top down shooter to DSi ware”

  1. this will be a no brainer for me, im getting it without question, I loved the touhou series(bullet hell shooter) and seeings as this is from nintendo and I still have that 500 point left on my dsi i’ll get it as soon as it comes out, lets just hope it comes to NA soon.

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