Nintendo Power teases DsiWare release

DsiWare has yet to deliver on what I would consider its first major game. I’ve been disappointed in what the DsiWare has to offer so far. However, I think the service has tremendous potential to be a system seller for the Dsi if Nintendo would add some big titles to its library and some sort of  VC support for the older Nintendo handhelds (GB,GBC,GBA).  If Nintendo Power delivers on what they are teasing, we might catch word of DsiWare’s first step toward my expectations.

“Last issue’s Next Month tease for more No More Heroes 2 coverage fell through (sorry about that), but we’re 99.99% sure that Leon and co. will drop by next month to blow up your world with Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. And to make up for NMH2, we’ll reveal a major DSiWare title that should make many of you very, very happy.”

(Source: Nintendo Everything)

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