PS3 price cut boosts sales, 360 Elite soon to follow

After Sony constantly stated that no price drop was in the works for their PS3, it came as a surprise last week at GamesCom when they announced the $299 “PS3Slim” available on Sept 1, and an immediate price cut for the 80 gb models matching the Slim’s price. Not so shocking was the announcement of the PS3 Slim itself which has had leaked retail orders, mockups and all other sorts of info flooding in for months.

In the 3 days since the price cut, Sony has seen a 30% rise in Ps3 hardware sales according to Vg.chartz. Also, Vg.chartz says that in those same 3 days, pre orders for the PS3 slim have been greater than the PS3’s actual sales.

On the heels of Sony’s announcement come strong rumors of an Xbox 360 Elite price drop, matching the Ps3 Slim’s price point at $299.00. It looks very likely the Elite’s price will drop this Sunday, Aug 30th.

It should be an interesting battle this holiday season. Between the 360 and ps3 hardware sales, who you think will take the cake holiday 09?

Source:Ps3 hardware sales rise 30% after price cut

2 thoughts on “PS3 price cut boosts sales, 360 Elite soon to follow”

  1. Between sales numbers and what not, I believe PS3 sales will better 360 sales. I’m happy cause I can finally get a PS3 this Christmas.

    I remember that they constantly said no price drops since it will hurt them…2 months later, price drop occurs and their sales are skyrocketing.

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