Square-Enix Focusing on 2009 for TGS

If you were expecting to see Final Fantasy XIII Versus, Final Fantasy XIII Agito,  Parasite Eve: The Third Birthday, or any other 2010 title from Square-Enix at TGS then prepare to be disappointed. Tetsuya Nomura said they would have a focus on the products coming out in 2009 with playable demos of 2010 games like FFXIII, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, and the international version of Final Fantasy Dissidia.

Other then then Final Fantasy Dissidia, which is already out in North America and hitting Europe and Australia September 4th,  there is no guarantee that either of those titles will be hitting North America or Europe this year. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers is scheduled for November 26th in 2009 for Japan though and holiday season for at least North America. There is no solid date for Crystal Bearers though so there could be a chance it gets delayed into 2010 as well.

(Source: RPGsite)

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