Top 5 games to play while at school

It’s the night before the first day of class for many of us. Away from our gaming setups we must go into the halls of our schools. No more long summer afternoons of playing games for hours on in. Our raid schedules will take a hit until our next lengthy holiday. Just because you’re away at class during the day doesn’t mean you can’t get some quality gaming in. Here’s my list of top 5 games to play while away at school.

5. World of Warcraft (PC)

You can’t necessarily get a raid assembled during breaks between classes but you shouldn’t have a problem checking the auction house or messing around with your guild chat. The only problem is schools blocking the WoW servers…but there’s ways around that 😉

4. Elite Beat Agents (DS)

Pack in your headphones with your DS and get your boogy on. With each song lasting approximately 5 minutes, you can get in a round of EBA on your walk between classes.

3. Starcraft (PC)

While this doesn’t apply to most high school/middle/elementary students, installing Starcraft on an external hard drive and packing it away for college can give you a great gaming alternative. Since Starcraft was made in the late 90’s any computer on your campus should be able to run it no problem. Get a couple of your buddies and find a lab that allows screaming non sense, and you’re in business.

2. Mario Kart (DS)

I would of loved to have Mario Kart DS when I was in high school. My friends and I had the GBA version our senior year and we would have to fool with GBA link cables to get our games up in running. We had a league practically, playing each day after lunch until the bell rang to dismiss us. Heck, we would thread the cables under our desks during class and get in a race or two. You only need one person to own Mario Kart DS and you can have up to 3 other friends join in.

1. Pokemon (DS,GBA,GB)

Whether it’s Pokemon Red, Blue, Diamond or Pearl, Pokemon is the best game to play while at school. You don’t need the Pokemon GTS anymore, you have your classmates to ask to trade with. Once you’ve got the negotiations of trading a shiny charmander and a snack pack for a shiny squirtle and a nutter butter bar, you’re good to go. Battle while at recess, take down an elite four opponent or two, a lot of good fun to have in short periods of time.

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  1. Another great read! A little on the short and simple side, but good none-the-less. I’m glad you guys are getting started adding more content to the site.

    Also, a redesign might be nice too. *hinthint*

  2. I must say, this is a very well put list. I have played half of the games on the list during class before. It is amazing how fun a game can be when you are in school XD. I also can say if youhave the money, hardware, and know what you are doing, the Mother series is also amazing to playing school too :]

  3. I’ve played my fair share of Elite Beat Agents/Ouendan and Pokemon at School. It’s pretty easy to play a song or two between class, or before.

    Pokemon was usually during lunch to get some trading done, so a quick grind.

  4. Awesome list! I never did a lot of gaming at school, because I was worried about my handhelds getting stolen. ):
    The DS is perfect for these kinds of situations though. Rhythm Heaven is a fun little distraction too, for the same reasons you’ve listed EBA. Headphones are a must. xD

  5. “Once you’ve got the negotiations of trading a shiny charmander and a snack pack for a shiny squirtle and a nutter butter bar, you’re good to go.”


    <w< I lol'd

  6. I love you just for mentioning EBA, easily one of my favorite DS games.

    If you like EBA I also highly suggest its Japanese cousins, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! and it’s sequel Moero Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2.

    And I would personally put either of the two Metroid GBA games on there too, they really suit the handheld, you can play for short bursts, pick up a missile pack or two, and easily find a nearby save station.

  7. I am going to have to play you in starcraft sometime then. Lan parties use to be a lot of fun, and I believe that they will come back as SC2 comes into play.

  8. My freind would get bored take out his DS and start playing pokemon in the middle of class.XD

    The only time I get to do these things is on the Bus or when we have a Substitute for our Band Teacher. >:3

  9. I really like pokemon, but if I brought a pokemon game to school, all the other kids would call me gay, and it would be destroied, and I’m not waisting another pokemon game trying to bring it and play it at school.

  10. Skeletor brought this up, but getting the Mother series on emulator and bringing your laptop to class (for us college students) is great, hit a button every once in awhile without looking too suspicious and you can still pay attention.

  11. I bought a Game Boy Micro specifically to play in class. It’s smaller than a playing card. At worst I can pretend I’m texting somebody and put it away because nobody has any idea what a Game Boy Micro actually is or looks like. 😛

  12. Senior year my friends and I had a lot of fun with Pokemon on DS. We’d play quite often at lunch. If it wasn’t that, it was Magic: The Gathering or some other DS game.

  13. I would bring my DS to school and train my Pokemon or throw shells at go-karts but I’m too afraid of having it taken up or lost. And most of the kids at my school aren’t into Pokemon. It would be nice if there were some people I could trade, battle, or race

  14. Hey Kart DS is cool, i say we had the GBA one the last year and was cool, I also remembered watching some older guys playing it 2 years before.

    I also agree with Pokémon cause it´s good to have some battle during luch time.

    But main Mario Series Games are too fun cause if you grab some guys and play the game in turns it´s cool to watch how everybody dies.

    Some of My Pokémon Platinum Pokémon (mainly a Female Gargchomp and a Driflon should say “Caught in XXXXX School in the “3rd B” Clasroom” instead the Original Text. (It was Friday!!!) and the DS matched with the scool color (Electric Blue DS) and the walls and tables were in that color I also hided it under a Scarf. I also remembered the Emerald´s Battle Frontier at school.

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