TSG Podcast Episode 15

This is the first podcast after the launch of our gaming news on the TSG website. We were a little more silly this time around as we go over the Metroid Prime Trilogy, Star Wars: The Old Republic, some of our favourite chat moments and even go in to Disney movies as well.

10 thoughts on “TSG Podcast Episode 15”

  1. This IS the best podcast yet. xD

    *Dials phone*

    Elite Beat Agents? Ferenc, I love you. :3

    The first thing I’m testing in Scribblenauts is Proton Pack. >:3

  2. Pure excellence. If I’d say I’m not hooked onto your podcasts, I’d be a liar. I’ll be sure to check back August 31st… err, September 7th… err, September 14th.

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