6 thoughts on “Video Review of Shadow Complex”

  1. Awesome review, Britt! Not perfect, but that’s to be expected. After some more of these, I’m sure they’ll get even better.

    As for specific suggestions, try not to be so robot-like. You didn’t seem particularly loose, and you were probably a bit TOO official and professional. I see that all the time; making your reviews fun and entertaining (while still being informative) will really set them apart.

  2. Nice review Britt! I’m really glad you guys are getting into this kinda things. I’ve never heard of Shadow Complex before (Probably cause it’s Xbox, and arcade) so this review fills me with knowledge and interest.

    I agree with statement above. Just be yourself Britt, and it will shine in your reviews. :3

    Good luck!

  3. Nice, I really liked it. I’ve always wanted to do a video review but without a capture card or mic I haven’t really had a opportunity to. I don’t have a X-box 360, so I unfortunately can’t play it. You made me want it though, so if i had a 360 I would have definitely bought it!

    Although from the sounds of it, I just need to play some metroid games and I’d have a similar experience.

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