Bayonetta not looking so hot on PS3

Sega has so far only shown Bayonetta running on the X-box 360. While it looks great it was a bit suspicious why we never got to see a PS3 version up and running. Platinum Games and Sega held a event over in Tokyo to show off the PS3 version of the game and the results were…not too good. 1up had this to say about the PS3 version that they saw…

“While the 360 version on display looked crisp and smooth, the PS3 version was very blurry and the framerate was all over the place. During one portion of the demo, a crazy scene where you are jumping off of falling parts of a giant clock tower, it was often hard to keep track of the action because of the graphical issues on PS3.”

Hopefully the two months left till release in Japan will give Platinum Games time to fix the issues with the PS3 version of the game. North America won’t be seeing the game till next year though, so if the issues are still present in the PS3 version then there’s a chance it may get fixed during localization. 1up asked Sega about the difference and all they replied with was that the two games would be the same.

4 thoughts on “Bayonetta not looking so hot on PS3”

  1. They’d better fix it cause most action games that comes for both PS3 and 360 will mostly be sold to a lot of PS3 owners than 360 I think. Well if this is the same case as the Batman game which I went to buy where there was like 80% of people wanted to get the PS3 version comparing to 360 one…

  2. There are more 360s out there than PS3s and the 360 also has higher attach rates (both first and third party), so third party titles generally sell much better for the 360.

    This means most developers develop for the 360 and port to the PS3, which means the PS3 version is pretty much always inferior and people who have both systems will be less likely to pick up the PS3 version.

    Vicious cycles are vicious.

    Pretty much the only ways out are for Sony to bribe developers, or for the PS3 to somehow get ahead of the 360. Sony does have a strong line-up for the near future whilst Microsoft doesn’t, so who knows?

  3. Yeah, it’s true that the game is mostly being worked on 360 and doesn’t extent to the game’s lifespan for the PS3. An exclusive PS3 should have no excuse to be so short in the end.

    Anyway, what I am hoping for Sony to release is a very long and epic God of War 3.

    If that is done, then we have something worth wild. Also, I want Tales of Vesperia for PS3 god damn it!

    I am not sure about getting Bayonneta in the end however cause I want to see how the gameplay evolves.

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