Closing Game Crazys having clearance sales

Joystiq reported that more then 200 Game Crazy locations are shutting down. While it is sad that some people will be losing jobs because of the closings, we can try to make the best out the situation.

Closing Game Crazy locations will be having clearance sales all through October. The first sale goes from October 3rd to October 11th where all instore stock will be 30% off. October 12th through October 18th everything will be 50% off and then the final day anything remaining will be 80% off.It has been reported Game Crazy will be removing select stock to move to other stores, so it may be pretty bare bones by the time the clearance sale comes around. Maybe you can find a gem or two.

To anyone who happens to work at GameCrazy and are out of a job, I wish you you the best of luck.

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  1. Only if their one of the 200 locations that will be closing. If you call your local store they should tell you. I do know that all locations in Tuscon Arizona are closing though.

    Otherwise you will need to call.

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