Don't update that Wii yet, Firmware 4.2 bricking regular Wiis (Updated)

Nintendo attempted to smash the homebrew and piracy scene with system update 4.2 for the Wii. Well if you don’t do either of those then that is not your problem right? Unfortunately the answer is no. Apparently something went wrong and some Wii systems that don’t even have hardware or software modifications are taking a hit  and are no longer functioning.

Nintendo has yet to comment on the situation yet, nor have they commented on how wide spread the problem is yet. Unless you really need something off the WiiShop Channel, your best bet would be to wait till this whole thing is sorted out. Hopefully all of you that have already updated still having a working Wii.

Update: If you’re getting Error:003 head here. (Thanks Mega_Mario).

(Source: GoNintendo)

12 thoughts on “Don't update that Wii yet, Firmware 4.2 bricking regular Wiis (Updated)”

  1. It’s because they updated part of the boot process, the first time they’ve done this outside of the factory. Apparently the functions used for it is are bit dodgy in some way, don’t really know myself, but when some homebrewers overwrote that themselves they wrote their own code to do it because they had problems using the built in functions.

    The funny thing is, even with all the stuff they changed with this update, which contains no new features and was entirely aimed at stopping hombrew and piracy btw, it hasn’t really done anything. All they’ve managed to do is brick some Wiis that may or may not be being used for those things.

    1. Like you basically said even if you have homebrew, the update doesn’t brick it. All it does it remove the custom boot2 installed from BootMii, looks for the title ID’s “HAXX”(Homebrew Channel) and “DVDX” and removes them. It then checks for the Twilight Hack on every boot; Twilight hack isn’t even used anymore. Then it updates IOS’s and adds IOS70.

      Get some better programmers Nintendo. This update didn’t kill homebrew and ended up costing you more money in replacing legit wiis.

  2. I have a Wii, with enormous amounts of lovely Wiibrew. I also have 4.2 XD Good job Nintendo, you stopped nothing. XD

    Also Bootmii still works as boot2 for me.

  3. I heard certain versions of the Wii will get bricked with this update. Not sure which versions. Homebrew elimination was their objective. But in war there are often innocent casualties. XBL and PSN are no exception. They had similar update-to-brick problems in the past. The most famous being Xeno Saga for the PS2. Launch PS2’s crash out at certain scenes in the game. Namco never recalled, nor offered any compensation for this defect.

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