Epic Mickey game reveal in next Game Informer

We have known about Disney’s Epic Mickey game for quite some time.  Other then a few pieces of concept art we haven’t heard much. Game Informer’s next issue will be revealing Epic Mickey, but were not exactly sure if they will have screen shots or just more concept art. The game is currently expected to hit Wii but there is no release window currently announced.

(Source: GoNintendo)

2 thoughts on “Epic Mickey game reveal in next Game Informer”

  1. Wow this game breaks from the disney norm. I only have one question: how do you do a mickey game when mickey’s voice actor is dead?! If ya don’t believe me look it up.

  2. Mickey Mouse has been around since the late 20’s, so he’s gone through several voice actors. Bret Iwan voices Mickey now.

    This game looks freaking insane and I can only hope that parents buying “a Disney game for the Wii” for their kids will lead to much trauma and hilarity.

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