Final Fantasy coming to Virtual Console outside of Japan

Japan has been getting the original entries in the Final Fantasy series for the Famicom(NES) on their Virtual Console service the last few months, but North America and Europe have been left in the dark.

But finally the original game that started one of the largest video game franchises and saved an entire company, Final Fantasy, has been confirmed for a North American release on the Virtual Console through a ESRB listing. Hopefully this leads to the European release some time soon as well.

To my knowledge this is the first time the game has ever been released on another system in its original form. Gamers who don’t own the original cartridge can finally experience Final Fantasy in all its 8-bit glory all for a mere $5.

3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy coming to Virtual Console outside of Japan”

  1. lol I have a feeling were going to get IV and maybe 6…MAYBE. Otherwise I wouldn’t get your hopes up, I think square enix would probably see it as too much effort to translate the titles over.

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