First details on new Okami game for Nintendo DS

– Titles current full name is Okamiden: Chisaki Taiyou
– New character is a baby version of Amaterasu, Chibiterasu
– The story takes place almost three months after the original game in the same world
– Issun returns to accompany Chibiterasu
– Gameplay looking to be very similar to the first game, no new twists announced yet
– You can now use the stylus to use the Celestial Brush
– New partner mechanic which will involve multiple partners
– Game being developed internally at Capcom
– No word on if Platinum Games (Clover Studios) will have any involvement
– Not due out til 2010

(Source: IGN)

4 thoughts on “First details on new Okami game for Nintendo DS”

  1. I expected the sequel to cotinue where Okami had originaly left off. And would take place in the heavens with Amaterasu. Oh well True Sequel or not Im hyped about this game.

    God I can tell theres also going to be a lot of hate from fanboys just because its not on 360 or PS3 *cough*lookongamespot*Cough*. But it should be more easier to use the Brush with your Stylus.

  2. They said it’s after 3 months in where the game ended but already there is a question being asked about the game.
    Apparently, Susano’s son is in this game yet how can he be born?! LOL
    But they said the game explains this situation sooo I am guessing something similar in the story…
    Also, this game will have a partner system, similar to how you work with Issun I think.
    Maybe more?

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