Flash Game Blog, Week 1

Hey, Blackduck here with something new and interesting for you guys!

Every Sunday (even though this one is late) I will be making a post about progress on Flash games that I make. Starting this week, and ending I don’t know when (probably depending on if you guys like this), Now, this doesn’t sound that interesting right now, but that does mean you guys will be able to make suggestions to the games I make via the comment system, and it will also mean that there will be lots and lots of playable stuff, probably one thing per post, at least.

So to kick it off with a completed start, Saturday morning, at 1AM, somebody told me to make a breakout type game (the thing where you’re a paddle and you have a ball that bounces off of it and you have to break these floating bricks over you). Anyways, I didn’t really want to spend a lot of time on this, because I was working on this other game which will be mentioned later. With that said, I got a working version in 3 hours, then spend like 30 minutes fixing bugs after it’s release found here (that one has the bugs fixed too).

Anyways, Now for the real thing. There’s this contest one this other site that I frequent that’s a Halloween contest, you have till Halloween to make whatever you want, so I chose to make a flash game. The game will be called Termites: Flash Edition and is based off the game called “Termites” on the site. Termites will be a 2.5D adventure RPG, where you play as a termite on his quest to quench his hunger for Halloween candy. So far, this is what I’ve got.

Arrow keys to move, P to pause. This may not seem like much, but it took me a handful of hours to do. I’m quite satisfied with the graphics, except for the termite, which could look better. There will be 4 stats: strength, armor, life and brain (magic). You will have 8 equipment slots consisting off: 2 legs, 4 arms, 1 head and one body, since it’s a termite and all. You will also be provided with 12 slots of inventory space.

My goals for the next update are instructions, maybe an intro movie, and hopefully I’ll get to actually making an enemy you can fight.

Any suggestions or feedback? Just comment on this entry, and I’ll read it!

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