Flash Game Blog, Week 2

Hey, Blackduck here for week two!

So, I’ve pretty much only been working on the termites games, but with great progress. Even though I didn’t make any intro movie, let alone make instructions, I have done other things that are equally great, or better.

So for starters, you now see the Neptune Productions thing along with a play button and the name of the game. Also, a very awesome thing I did was add a “name your character” with every letter, symbol and number my keyboard has! Your name appears in fights and in the pause menu. Maybe it’ll make an appearence in dialog if this game gets some!

Second, I changed the menu. It’s still got the overall look, but now the inventory is shrunk to only 4 slots and your equipment is now only 2 arms, 1 leg, 1 body and 1 head. But, I did add a Health/Magic section that shows your health and magic (of course) along with a visual drawing.

I also changed the outline of the map made out of the plants a bit so that it wasn’t a straight line. I think it makes it look bit more realistic.

Now for the thing I spent the most time one, the fighting system. There’s still no way to access it via fighting an enemy, so you’ll have to press enter while you’re in the map.

Not the most artistic thing, but I’m not that good at art. So you’ve got the character and the enemy both with HP/Magic bars. You also have your level over it and your name on the HP. It also tells you how much out of how much your HP/Magic is at, but not for the enemy.

Under your character, you’ve got the fighting menu. Arrow keys to move, enter to select, and shift to go back. You can’t use spells/skills yet, but you unlock a magic spell for every point you invest in brain, and same thing for skill but with strength. (although you can’t upgrade those yet, and none of them work anyways except for Power Bite anyways).

You can always you Defend, which makes the enemy do his damage – your armor x2, instead of only x1. Or you can attack, which does 3dmg + your str, but nobody can die yet, so it doesn’t matter.

Even though this fighting this doesn’t seem like a big update, I spent quite a bit of time on it, and made it in a way that after it’ll be done, all I have to do to add a new enemy is make a new image and change its stats. I can also add new spells for that enemy alone really easily, which helps.

So without further delay, here’s the game

My goals for next week are probably about the same. Instructions, maybe an intro movie, and finishing the battle system. Though you never know what will happen!

Any suggestions or feedback? Just comment on this entry, and I’ll read it!

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5 thoughts on “Flash Game Blog, Week 2”

  1. Nice update! After trying it out, I noticed that the keyboard for entering your name in was sometimes unresponsive and often very slow. The end button is a little hard to notice, but those are just fairly minor complaints.

  2. Nice start, looks like you’ve got the basics down. Work on the responsiveness of that name screen, also, make sure your move speeds and action feel of the game aren’t sluggish. Things feel a bit slow, you don’t want them to drag during gameplay. Good luck with the project, be sure to put it up on flashgamelicense.com when you’re done.

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