Happy 10th anniversary Dreamcast!! Britt's Top 5 Dc titles

Ten years ago today, 9/9/99, was the release of the Sega Dreamcast. It’s sad to of seen it fall so quickly, it’s one of the most innovative consoles to ever hit the market.  Once the ps2 launched in 2000, the Dreamcast declined and Sega pulled the plug. The Dreamcast was still being sold in Japan up until 2006, and a strong homebrew community still exists today.

Here’s a list of my 5 favorite Dreamcast games:

5. Power Stone: Before Smash Brothers,  Power Stone was the fighting game of choice for a group of four friends to simultaneously beat each other up. This was my first experience at a 4 player fighter or “party fighter” as I’d like to call it. It was a lot of fun to literally beat a power up out of somebody and then see everyone scramble for it. Although the character selection wasn’t huge, each character had a distinct style and personality that you could attach to.

4. Sonic Adventure: Recently 3d Sonic titles haven’t fared so well, but Sonic Adventure did it right. The game was divided into free roaming Adventure Fields and then Action Stages. The two combined to make a perfection combination of platforming, puzzle, and the fast pace action you come to expect from a Sonic title.

3. Marvel v.s Capcom 2: Arcade fighters gained a lot of mainstream popularity through the Dreamcast.  It all started with the release of Soul Calibur during the launch of the Dreamcast, and was followed up with a stream of arcade fighters. My favorite of the bunch was Marvel v.s Capcom 2. The main contributing factor to my attachment to this fighter in particular is my love or the companies characters that were represented. Mega Man, Gambit, Ryu, Spider, Jill,and Wolverine..Oh my. Over 50 characters were crammed into MvC2.

2. Jet Grind Radio: Style set Jet Grind Radio apart from other games. A perfect blend of Japanese culture, an awesome soundtrack, and unique cel-shaded  graphics had me hooked.

1. Phantasy Star Online: My first online console experience was with PSO, and it blew me away.  Sitting back in the luxury of my bedroom gaming online  instead of hunched over a computer, this was foreign territory at the time.  The replay value was endless,boasting a lvl 200 cap in the expansion and  rares that you could farm for months on in without success.

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