Nintendo Download for North America September 14th and Nintendo Channel redesign

This weeks Nintendo Download isn’t too terribly exciting. First of up there is Mart Racer, Spaceball Revolution and Texas hold’em poker for WiiWare. Virtual console agian gets only one new title with Crash ‘N The Boyz: Street Challenge. DSiWare received two titles this week, Art Academy: First Semester and Oscar in Toyland.

There is  a update for the Nintendo Channel for North America  that brings  a new layout, increased video quality and  introduces a show called Nintendo Week which will give you weekly news and interviews. No word on if Europe has gotten the update or not. If  some one can confirm via tips or comments that would be great.

Descriptions of each title after the jump.


Mart Racer
Price 800 Wii Points
Players 1-4
Rating E – Alcohol Reference, Comic Mischief
Publisher: Joju Games
Description: In Mart Racer, you are a sharp-elbowed shopper racing through the store to find items before your rivals do. Use your Wii Remote like a handlebar to control your shopping cart as you race throguh different types of stores. Vex your competitors by stunning them wtih plungers and stealing groceries out of their carts. Out run them by using your drifting and aisile jumping skills. And keep away from the security guards who want to stop the mall melee First one with a completed shopping list at the cash register wins! Mart Racer is a simple and fun game suitable for all ages that pits you agianst the computer or up to four players. You can play with your friends and family on a split screen, or with others online through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Spaceball Revolution
Price 800 Wii Points
Players 1-2
Rating E – Mild Fantasy Violence
Publisher Virtual Toys
Description: You’re about to embark on the most addictive exrperience in recent years. Steer your way throguh fifteen diabolic levels in which you’ll have to reconstruct impossible figures, helped by space energy balls. Race against the clock and the obstacles to activate the correct boxes. Spaceball: Revolution challeges will put your ablity and your concentration to the test to the upmost. Spaceball: Revolution lets you compare your score with the best players world-wide in the different difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Advanced and Master. Spaceball: Revolution challenges you. Are you ready?

Texas Hold’Em Poker
Price 600 Wii Points
Players 1-6
Rating T – Simulated Gambling
Publisher Gameloft
Description: Prepare to experience the intensity of a real texas hold em poker tournament! Whether you’re a poker novice or veteran, you’ll enjoy tournament, Cash Game, and Heads-up modes with simple and fun Wii Remote controls. Hit the table as one of 6 fun and charismatic characters, or import your own Mii character to really put on your poker face. Take on the world’s most prestigious casinos – from Monaco to New York – and challenge opponents that won’t hesitate to taunt or comment on your play style, creating a very realistic poker atmosphere! Or you can impress friends with wild poker parties thanks to an Online mode that allows you to play with up to 5 friends and create your own tournaments, in addition to joining official Gameloft tournaments. You can even challenge random online opponents of any skill level you want. Even if you’ve never played poker before, you can learn all the rules and strategy with the advanced tutorial that teaches you everything from winning hands and betting to bluffing.

Virtual Console

Crash ‘N The Boyz: Street Challenge
Price 500 Wii Points
Players 1-2
Rating E – Cartoon Violence
Publisher Aksys Games
Console Nintendo Entertainment System
Description: Tod Thornley, son of the head of Thornley Industries, has had it with Crash and the Southside boys. Todd decides Hiller High, along with help from other various high schools, will take down Crash by challenging him and Southside High to an unsanctioned street challenge. Take control of one of four high school teams, with four different characters to play as per team, as you make your way through five different sporting events. Dash and bash your way throguh the 400 meter hurdles, swing your way to victory in the hammer throw, swing and knock out your opponents while swimming, pole vault, jump and unicycle your way across building roff tops, and judo fight your opponent in a one-on-one brawl fest. Can you lead your high school to the top of the street challenge!?


Art Academy: First Semester
Price 800 Nintendo DSi Points
Players 1
Rating E
Publisher Nintendo
Description: Art Academy is a portable art course that replaces the lecture-like structure of art school and the trial-and-error of working on canvas. Art Academy: First Semester can guide you through the basics of pencil and paints, using Nintendo DSi controls to draw like the real things. With your own paintbrush set and color palette, you’ll learn texturing and blending techniques, plus ways to depict light and shade. There’s also Free Paint mode, which allows you to select and draw from photos in your Nintendo DSi Camera Album. In just a few lessons, you’ll be discovering your inner artist and creating your own masterpieces with art skills that you can apply with real-life materials.

Oscar in Toyland
Price 800 Nintendo DSi Points
Players 1
Rating E (Everyone) – Comic Mischief
Publisher Virtual Playground
Description: Meet Oscar, the new kid on the block. This fabulous jump-and-run game is easy to play, packed with hours of fun and nonstop action, hundreds of collectibles and surprises. In psychedelic worlds of candy, soda pop, amusement park rides, board games, fairy tales and more, you’ll meet cool toys and animals in hidden rooms, bonus and bogus mini games. Use Wings to fly, Springy Shoes to jump, and Oscar’s secret weapon, his magical Yo-Yo, to swing and zap enemies in some of the craziest platform levels you’ll ever play.

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