Route TSG Episode 1: The Legend of Zelda

Route TSG is video/commentary of the routes we took in our games during the marathons. In Episode 1 Britt plays through the Legend of Zelda (NES).  Note that on level one if you enter and exit the dungeon, the first room will magically become unlocked.  Not sure why I forgot this during my run.  Also, I’m not sure why my audio came out the way it did, I’ll that also.

for part 2, 3 and a youtube link, click “Read the rest” (later episodes will be split into only 2 parts on vimeo)

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31 thoughts on “Route TSG Episode 1: The Legend of Zelda”

  1. If this were Facebook, I’d be clicking the “I like this”-button like crazy. 🙂

    Beware, though, that Vimeo hates video games. Or at least video game footage. So the videos might get deleted if and when they feel like doing so.

  2. Best thing ever! I can’t wait to see more! 🙂 It’s neat to actually hear the player talk as they play. Maybe set up a leisurely play time like this with the chat? I’m sure a bunch of people would come and like to just have fun and hang out with you while you play.

  3. Question: When leaving Castle 5, why do you go all the way around to get to Castle 6? Here is a quick little path I drew to show the way I normally go. If you were going that way to get rupees and such, it makes sense, but just to get to Level 6, the sword, and the bracelet; it seems like you are going the long way.

  4. Many lols were had. Also: I never shouted fail at you during the MM marathon; not all of us were Storm Eagles. Some of us were Chill Penguins until you rode the lava to victory (best story I have about you guys at the moment, actually).
    Also also wik: Best 24+ hours of awake time evar. And I’m totally dressing up as Ravegar for Halloween. No questions asked and not a doubt in my mind.

    So, yeah. I’m a bit of a nerd, but if you ever need any random information on games that have been speedran, I’ve seen about 400 of the ones over at SDA.
    I wish I was kidding. I think I’m addicted. v-v
    Again, if you need anything give me a ring.
    Or, like, an email. That makes more sense.

    If you think it’s a bit of a hassle to keep commentating while you’re playing and solo, try doing a duo commentary. Maybe one person keeps the other on track, maybe they start meme-ing it up. Who knows?
    This is usually how I prefer to play games anyway; it’s difficult to keep interested when someone isn’t there to heckle you through. 😛

    I’ma have to stalk you guys sometime. I get some vacation time during the winter…

  5. iHeart_Absol has a point.

    Britt,this was perfect I loved but I mean it.

    I watched it while i was eating my ramen and it was very entertaining.

    really looking foward to the next episodes.

  6. I have to say I thought this was pretty awesome as well. Except that I think the likalikes or whatever they’re called look way more like Pancakes than bread.

  7. I didn’t think I’d watch the whole thing, but the random talking and hilarious run through kept me entertained. Before I knew it, I has finished the 3rd part and was checking for more

  8. This is amazing. Now I am playing my “The legend of Zelda” but on the nes. And now I know how to finally beat it! Very entertaining, can’t wait for more.

  9. Great joRb homestar! *has said that every comment*
    Go speed gamers, go speed gamers, go speed gamers gooooo! *says that a lot too*
    Britt loves gargoyles. “Thank you for giving my heart back gargoyle.” (I <3 the old Gargoyles series. Then the writers changed on the last season and it kinda got messed up a bit and died)
    It's good though. It's about as entertaining as watching a movie of the same length that hollywood took 3 years and $32095834905834905 to make (or screw up). Of course, I'd rather watch this so I guess that means it's better? Britt screws up for FREE 😛 (j/p, you did well and it's fun to watch pros go through a game you've played like this)

  10. Finally got around to watching it. I liked it a lot~! I haven’t beaten The Legend of Zelda so a lot of it was helpful. I really should go back and try to finish it…

  11. This was fun to watch. I especially liked how you didn’t edit out the areas when you died or missed something and had to go back.

    All in all, very good debut and I look forward to future entries.

  12. Personally I like it when LPers talk about their real life because it interests me… then when people say ‘okay back to the game’ I say to myself ‘Aww…’
    But anyways great job Britt

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