Route TSG Episode 2: Super Mario 64 100%

Route TSG is video/commentary of the routes we took in our games during the marathons. In Episode 2 Phil  grabs every star in Mario 64.  Get insight into what goes on under The Hat while watching some mad Mario 64 action!

All parts now uploaded!

for parts 2-6  click “Read the rest”

Sorry if parts 4-6 have any loss in quality, we had some troubles encoding them.
Also note that 4-6 are resplit versions of the previous parts 4 and 5.

26 thoughts on “Route TSG Episode 2: Super Mario 64 100%”

  1. Phil, wow. I saw some stuff in here I’ve never seen done before and you’re amazing me. Though I’ve only watched part one so far, I’m about to start the rest.
    And you’re really making me want to play Super Mario 64.
    Too bad I don’t own a copy of it anymore… unless I can find my N64 copy… hmm.

    *goes off to watch the rest*

  2. @chris : From the (abridged) Words of Phil: The audio had to be taken from the webcam that was recording the game due to errors in the PhilAudio recording. As such, you can hear his computer.

    I can’t wait for 4-6. I love these! I’ve never been able to 100% SM64, so I envy both the skill required for a speedplay -and- for the 100% completion.
    My bowler is obviously not as powerful as The Hat.

    @TSG : Can’t wait for the next one!

  3. Great job Phil, that was extremely entertaining to watch. I laughed at practically every story you told… and I’m calling the police on you for killing innocent flightless birds </3

  4. Another excellent Route TSG. I am really enjoying these since, to my regret, have missed the previous marathons. Listening to you and Britt ramble on is actually quite entertaining and I learned a lot about both of you and other interesting little bits of information I didn’t previously know.

    Since Super Mario 64 is my favourite game this was most enjoyable to watch. You did an incredible job and it sounds like a lot of fun. If you need a copy of Super Mario 64 for the N64 throw me a message, I have a copy.

    Keep up the great work and from everybody, thanks for more entertaining gaming greatness.

  5. did phil just say on the 4th part hughjackmen away also love the route TSG watching the game is fun but the player talking also lets us know a little more about what the TSG are like

  6. Great episode of Route TSG Phil, your a beast at this game. I’ve never seen alot of the tricks you did. Good job and i hope to see another game by you in the future!

  7. Took me awhile, but I finally got around to wathcing them all, they were really fun to watch. I’m surprised no one mentioned the crawfish story yet though since that made me laugh so hard I had to pause the video.

    Great videos are great, I’ll look forward to seeing more!

  8. Total Time: 4 hours, 38 minutes, 36 seconds

    Wow Phil. Great job on the Route TSG. I had fun watching it. I think Tyler told me the story about Seattle before lol.

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