Rumor: Wii price drop coming this October

Satoru Iwata said again and again that a price drop is a temporary solution to extending console life. Instead they wanted to focus on releasing software which will sell more hardware units. Nintendo may have realized that their price of $249.99 for a console with only the fraction of the power as the PS3 and 360 won’t hold up to the 360 and PS3’s rapidly dropping prices to 299.99.

Kotaku received retail listings which revealed Nintendo’s possible plan to bring a price drop the first week of october. With Nintendo attending the up coming Kyoto Cross Media Experience there is a good that is where they will announce it. While it is a Japanese show, I’m crossing my fingers for the Black Wii and classic controller pro to be announced for North America and Europe or at least some other color. But I’m not getting my hopes up.

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