Some PS3 owners experiencing issues with firmware 3.0 update

New firmware updates often bring undesirable glitches. The PS3’s 3.0 firmware update is causing a little trouble of its own. This isn’t a problem for many users but a few people with the 3.0 update has had Uncharted freezing up on them at  a specific point in the game. Some people can’t get Wipeout HD to output Dolby Digital 5.0 anymore. Last but not least is that the new Ceramic white PS3 controller will connect to the system but not function.

If you’re not having problems, great for you. If you have yet to update and own either of those games or that controller, you may want to wait awhile before updating. Again the problem is a rare case so far, but it is happening so be cautious.

(Source: Destructoid)

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