Tatsunoko vs. Capcom new details along with leaked characters

Tekkaman Blade was announced earlier today along with the news of the updated North American and European version heading to Japan as well. Apparently some one looked into the code of the Japanese websites and found character names, some just happened to be the new characters Capcom was teasing.  Mega Man Zero from the Mega Man series, Frank West the man who has covered wars, Yatterman #2 the female counter part of Yatterman and Joe Asakura from G-Force  were listed and then quickly removed by Capcom.

While Famitsu said Hakushon Daimao, the large genie fighter, would appear in the game in Japan, Capcom corrected this saying that he will also be removed from the Japanese roster. This is probably due to Tatsunoko vs. Capcom’s online mode being word wide. Meaning the only way you can play that character is through the original Japanese release.

More details about Tekkaman Blade’s move set after the jump

(Character leak source: Shoryuken)
(Hakushon Daimao details source: Andriasang)

Despite Tekkaman Blade’s  appearance being similar as Tekkaman along with a simular weapons, Tekkaman Blade will have completely different moves and hyper attacks. He can spin his blade over his head for defense against enemies who are jumping at him, along with a laser that shoots diagonally in the air to attack airborne opponents. He also has a charge attack that can link into multiple mid air strikes. Another useful technique he has is a flurry of strikes that deal more damage then normal chip damage when the enemy blocks it. He may be a little bit similar to tekkaman, but this sneak peak of attacks show that Capcom doesn’t want him to just be a clone.

( Tekkaman Blade Details Source: Gamespot)

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  1. Not exactly characters I personally would have put in, *coughspeedracerandphoenixwrightcough* but I guess they are okay. I want to know how exactly Frank West works.

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