Team Fortress 2 gets even with cheaters

Today the Official Team Fortress 2 blog let loose info that if any third-party idling applications are used to obtain headwear, the items will be removed. Apparently there has been a bit of an issue with cheaters. They guesstimate that around 5% of the headwear is obtained through cheating.

For those people who obtained your hats legitimately, you will be receiving halos. This is good news for Rust…not so good for Ninboy. For shame.

(Source:Team Fortress 2 Official Blog)

5 thoughts on “Team Fortress 2 gets even with cheaters”

  1. I think its unfair the guy who created it get a privilege for the backpack item checker thing while we get punished. it should be him that should get punished because he did create the problem in the first place, its his vault!

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