The new meaning of Police “Strike” Force

It would seem a drug raid for this multi-department task force was a lot more fun then their usual searches. Several officers picked up a Wiimote and played Wii Sports Bowling in a suspect’s Florida home while others searched for evidence.

(Source: Joystiq and CBC)

See a video on the article page.

8 thoughts on “The new meaning of Police “Strike” Force”

  1. I didn’t know puns were up your alley, Gwellin! 😀

    I’ve been reading about this story though, it really seems to have split the community, a lot of folks seem to think these guys are a bunch of turkeys and that they need to get their minds out of the gutter. Personally, I think people should spare the cops their criticisms and stop trying to pin all this ill-will on them.

  2. Wow that’s kinda sad that those policemen got caught doing that. I think that some punishment is in order for them. Then again, that was pretty good of him to get a strike.

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