TSG Game Review: Little King’s Story

I know you guys usually listen to the podcast every other monday morning, however like Britt said…it’s delayed. Instead we’ll make up for it with original content! Woo!

I review the very Pikmin influenced game “Little King’s Story” for the Wii. Comments and questions welcome.

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10 thoughts on “TSG Game Review: Little King’s Story”

  1. Awesome intro! I liked it a lot (also thumbs up Skies of Arcadi D: ). I’ve been looking at little King story for awhile. I didn’t really enjoy Pikmin my first play through though, but that was well over 6 years ago. I really should pick up new play control and see if I eased up on the style.

    Also who is that I see in the bottom left hand corner of the intro poster D: lol

  2. Oculin, it’s good to know I’m not the only one who noticed the irony in that. This is a PG oriented site and community, yet Local displays an image of pedobear in his title poster? Wrong impression, much?

    1. Just because I displayed an internet meme doesn’t make a difference on the orientation on this site. It’s a meme, as is the “awesome face” which I also displayed. The purpose of it being on the title poster is conclude that these reviews are supposed to be funny and entertaining, just like memes. It also shows that we here at TSG like to cut back and have fun.

      Thanks for the responses guys! Everyone is entitled to their opinions. 😀 Keep it up

  3. Yet you know who pedo bear is and the people who don’t will not even notice. It’s not like he has a picture of a naked woman, it’s an internet thing and if somebody KNOWS pedo bear then they are already corrupted, like the rest of us.

    Oh, and don’t comment on the actual video, just one thing you thought was inappropriate…

    Good review, looks like an interesting game, not sure if I’d like it but I wouldn’t mine giving it a try.

  4. ROFL You guise and your proportions, all blowing things out of them and such. I like to think there’s a little Pedobear in all of us.

    Wait, I didn’t mean it like– where are you taking me?? No! NOOOO

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