TSG Podcast Episode 16

There are price drops and rumours surrounding the consoles, who will have the better holiday season? We also go over the Dreamcast’s tenth anniversary, Sonic’s legacy, Ōkamiden, Scribblenauts, and what we’ve been playing lately. The podcast questions take us on a terrifying turn, but they cover our Mario Kart choices and favourite game genres as well.

5 thoughts on “TSG Podcast Episode 16”

  1. I agree with sony being the one to sell the most hardware and games this holiday season. Also for the dreacast, i never owned one myself regretably by my neighbor had one that i played all the time and the first game i played was also Crazy Taxi, idk if it was 1 or 2 though. Great pod cast guys, looking forward to the next one and the upcoming Halloween marathon

  2. i got scribblenauts! yay. but that sonic type game you were speaking of is called Project RINGO, RINGO meaning apple in japanese. I dont know what to make of this though.

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