TSG’s predictions on TGS

Every year around this time Tokyo Game Show comes around and captivates the gamers with new details about upcoming games, hardware…or even brand new annoucements. Well that time has come again, and rumors have been flying once again about a new Wii.

I believe this is what will be shown/unveiled at TGS:

  • Beyond Good and Evil 2
  • Upcoming DSiware games/New functionality
  • Official annoucement of Wii Price Drop
  • More SquareEnix details, Release dates, and New Annoucement

What do you think will be shown or unveiled at TGS?

6 thoughts on “TSG’s predictions on TGS”

  1. I am DYING for more Metroid: Other M news. One awesome trailer can only hold you over for so long. :[

    The developers also said that they’d probably have a demo ready for it soon at E3, so that’s what I’m hoping to see.

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