Tsujumi gameplay, screen shots and details

Apparently Tsumuji was revealed earlier in the year, but I actually had never heard anyhting about it til EA’s pre-TGS presentation yesterday.

Tsumuji is a action / puzzle title for the Nintendo DS from Electronic Arts. The main character is a Ninja named Tsumuji and his entire village has been turned into stone. As you could probably guess, his adventure will be about his quest to turn the village back to normal. The producer wanted to stress though that while there is combat in the game, there will also be a lot of  sneaking and eavesdropping.

You may notice that it looks a lot like Phantom Hourglass and well the developers aren’t hiding that fact. They said that the Zelda series inspired them and called the series “a masterpiece.” It will be interesting to see what EA will have to bring to the table with this type of game.

Screen shots and off screen gameplay after the jump

(Details Source: Kotaku)

[viddler id=35ea9a1d&w=437&h=288]

(Video Source: Ndsitalia)

(Screens source: andriasang)

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